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  • Our newest addition to our collection of Energy Concentrates, Sugar Free White Tiki Energy Concentrate has no added coloring  and  is loaded with plant botanicals, b vitamins and tastes true to our original Tiki Breeze energy profile; a taste you are sure to love! Create your favorite drink combinations and blend different colored syrups with ease using Sugar Free White Tiki Energy Concentrate.


    Tiki Breeze has revolutionized the energy drink, providing healthy, effective and tasty products that will leave your body saying, "Thank you." Delight your customers with the sensational, mouth-watering Tiki Breeze Red Energy Concentrate!


    Most energy drinks on the market contain unhealthy ingredients. Tiki Breeze ensures all of our drinks are made with premium ingredients, including all-natural botanicals & sugar-free flavors!

    Take a tropical getaway with Tiki Breeze. Our energy drinks will leave you stranded on a beach with our mouth-watering flavors - thoughtfully produced with premium, all natural ingredients. Living healthy and energized has never been breezier!


    Sugar Free White Tiki Energy Concentrate

    Features our original energy drink profile  with plant botanicals and b vitamins.
    Made with Natural Caffeine from Arabica Coffee, Natural Flavors, and Plant Botanicals. No Sugar Added.


    2 liter bottle: 67.63 ounces – 5.6% more product per bottle.
    Botanicals: Lotus Flower and Leaf, Rhodiola Rosea Extract
    Each 2 liter Bottle, When mixed 1 part Concentrate with 5 parts soda water
    or water, makes forty eight – 8.4 ounce drink cans.


    Portion Pump sold seperately.

    Tiki Breeze - Sugar Free White Tiki Energy

    1 Fluid ounce
    • Filtered Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors, Taurine, Natural Caffeine (from Arabica Coffee Beans), Sucralose, Lotus Leaf & Flower Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Passionfruit Juice Powder, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, B-Vitamins (3,5,6,12).

    • This product has 60 mg of caffeine per 1 fl oz serving of concentrate

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