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Supercharge with Superfood

Healthier Energy Drinks & Syrups that Taste Amazing 

Designed in Partnership with Seattle's Finest Baristas

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now available

Choose from our selection of popular energy concentrates and fruit fusions

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Refreshing Tropical Flavors:

Mojito, Pomegranate, Banana

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Tiki Breeze Hibiscus Gold Energy features a berry-hibiscus profile and made with elderberry extract and hibiscus extract for immunity support. It is energized


If you've never had huckleberries before,

you're in for a treat!

Tiki Breeze Huckleberry Fusion is made with real Pacific Northwest Huckleberries and features a uniquely sweet, tart, and vibrant berry flavor that will have you craving for more! It is also filled with antioxidants that will have your body saying, thank you.

Refresh yourself with a blended Huckleberry smoothie, or mix it in with your lemonade, or add it on with your favorite Tiki Breeze Energy  for a unique drink combination.

Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to fall in love this summer with the taste of Tiki Breeze Huckleberry Fusion.



Tiki Breeze Super Blend allows you to craft any blended drink to perfection. It features a flavor-neutral profile that is versatile enough for both frappes and smoothies without compromising flavor.

Tiki Breeze Super Blend is a cleaner and more natural solution for all your blended drink needs! It features natural ingredients, with no dairy, gmo-free, gluten-free, and is vegan.

It is developed to enhance the versatility of all Tiki Breeze products and designed to blend harmoniously with other products too! 

Portion Pump Sold Seperately.

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The Perfect Mix!



Half Lemonade and Half Black Tea.

Craft the perfect Arnold Palmer with the new Tiki Breeze Black Tea Fusion and Lemonade Fusion!

The all new Tiki Breeze Black Tea Fusion is unsweetened and carries a bold tea profile that complements any sweetener or fusion for a taste that tea fanatics would enjoy!

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Tiki Breeze
Lavender Energy

It's not just purple it's Lavender!

Tiki Breeze is back with the first ever Lavender Energy concentrate featuring a unique blend of Lavender extract, a variety of super berries, natural caffeine from Arabica coffee and the same healthy  botanicals found in our existing energy concentrates for a tasty profile you are sure to love!

You're sure to taste and feel the difference! 


Treat your senses to the calming and energizing profile of the all new Tiki Breeze Lavender Energy Concentrate to help breeze through your day!

Available in 2L/67.63 fl oz jugs

Equals 48 = 8.4 fl oz energy drink cans

0.5 oz portion pump sold seperately

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**Now Available in 2L (67.6 fl oz) bottles. That's over 5% more product than ever before!

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on 6 or more  Energy Concentrates/Tropical Fusion Concentrates or any 12 syrups. Restrictions apply, discount applied at checkout.

Healthier Alternative to Our Competitors

Half the Cost of

Leading Brands

Our Promise to Our Customers

Most energy drinks on the market contain unhealthy ingredients. Tiki Breeze ensures all of our drinks are made with premium ingredients, including all-natural botanicals & sugar-free flavors!

Other brands charge more than double our amount for a single energy drink. At Tiki Breeze, we believe in giving our customers a boost of natural energy and a bang for their buck because nobody wants to pay extra while on vacation!

At Tiki Breeze, we are at the forefront of creating industry trends. By partnering with us, we promise to provide innovative solutions that boost profitability in your business.

Take a tropical getaway with Tiki Breeze. Our energy concentrates will leave you stranded on a beach with our mouth-watering flavors - thoughtfully produced with premium, all natural ingredients. Living healthy and energized has never been breezier!

Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaf
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Energy concentrates that will make your mouth water!

Tiki Breeze

Partner with a winning brand! Tiki Breeze is a 3-time People's Choice Award winner. We pride ourselves on delivering the best-tasting energy concentrates without compromising on what's most important: the ingredients. 


Bob Burgess
Founder / CEO

A Puget Sound native and former Honolulu resident, Bob brings the beach to Tiki Breeze. With over 40+ years of experience in the coffee and beverage industry, Bob offers a wealth of knowledge to our business and customers.


When he's not working, Bob enjoys swimming, surfing, bonfires, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

PROFILE_DON copy.jpg

Don Paschal
VP Operations

Originally from the Kitsap Peninsula, Don handles the company’s soda gun installations and operations. He started working with Bob in 2002 and has been involved in a lot of the company’s growth over the years.


In his spare time, he likes to play pickleball and soak up the sun in his garden.


Paulo Asi
Account Manager

A lot goes on behind the scenes here at Tiki Breeze. No matter what it is, you can bet Paulo has his hand in it. From operations and customer support to account management, warehousing and distribution, Paulo's hard-work is invaluable.

Outside of the workplace, Paulo likes to geek out in coffee and he teaches classes regularly at Seattle Barista Academy.


Hannah Asi
Marketing / Media

Hannah is an invaluable member of the Tiki Breeze team. She is in charge of Tiki Breeze's social media and loves to interact with our customers online.


In her free time, Hannah likes to play piano, roller blade, and read.

PROFILE_ALEX copy_edited.jpg

Alex Dintruff
Sales / Mixology

A native of Chicago and working in the coffee industry for 7 years, Alex brings passion and knowledge to our Tiki customers along with a full serving of creative drinks.


When he's not at the office, Alex loves pulling espresso, snowboarding, lifting weights and bar hopping. 

Meet The Team

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